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    PopUpAnchor listening for Scrolling

    eZACKe Level 1

      I have a PopUpAnchor, and when I scroll I need the position to update. So I'm calling the updatePopUpTransform() method.


      When you use the scrollbar everything is good. However, when you scroll using the wheel, the updatePopUpTransform seems to be off by about 1 scroll. So if I need my PopUpAnchor to be right at the bottom of something on screen, now there is a gap between them. This doesn't happen when you scroll using the scrollbar though. Anyone have any ideas why these 2 are working differently?


      Here's some of my code:

        this.grid.addEventListener( ScrollEvent.SCROLL, myCallBack );

        this.grid.addEventListener( MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL, myCallBack);


      And in my call back:



      I've even tried having myCallBack just called from a single Event.SCROLL event, and that doesn't work either. Same results.


      Thanks for the help!