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    Web App Style Tags


      I've got a webapp built and nicely styled, but I'd like to be able to control the background-color of the div container from within the Web App, so that they can have different color backgrounds instead of using the same background color from the css id for the container.


      Web App as is:


      <div id="specials-container">

      <div id="specials-title">



      <p class="specials-saleprice">{tag_sale price}</p>

      <p class="specials-sqft"> sq/ft. Installed</p>


      <div class="specials-more"><a href="{tag_itemurl_withhost}">More Details</a></div>



      What I'm trying at the moment is creating a Text String field in the app for the background color, which generates the tag: {tag_bgcolor}


      But if I try to style a div using: <div style="background-color:{tag_bgcolor}"> the wysiwyg removes the in line style.


      Can you not use tags in styles?  Seems to work perfectly well when doing hrefs, IDs and classes.  Ultimately I could call a different div id that has the particular background colors I want, but then I have to update the CSS with a new id each time I want a new color, versus just putting the color # inside of the app.


      Any ideas?