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    Remove Help Buttons

    Jayatl Level 1



      We'd like to remove the Help buttons found on the Sidekick and the text component edit dialog boxes.  We wish to do this because we have a defined internal support process in place (with internal knowledge base, support center, etc.) and don't want Authors wasting time trying to get support form day.com.


      If we cannot remove the buttons altogether, perhaps we can override the destination URL? 


      Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

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          justin_at_adobe Adobe Employee

          You can remove the help button from the Sidekick by changing the config object passed to CQ.WCM.launchSidekick so that it includes "tools: []", e.g.

          CQ.WCM.launchSidekick("/content/geometrixx/en/products", {

                      propsDialog: "/libs/foundation/components/page/dialog",
                      locked: false,
                      tools: []


          For components, the help button shouldn't appear if the helpPath isn't defined on the component's dialog node.

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            Jayatl Level 1



            I found 12 instances of "CQ.WCM.launchSidekick" under libs; since I want to do an overlay to app - is there a master version (like the one under cq/ui/widgets...) that controls or acts as teh master the others or do I literally need to copy each instance over to apps? 



            On the component front, the component in question is the Text component which we copied over to our apps folder so we could add our CSS styles.  I do not see a helpPath defined anywhere under the component.  The superResourceType is foundation/parbase - but I don't see any helpPath there either.  Is this setting somewhere else for this particular component?

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              justin_at_adobe Adobe Employee

              It is hard to say without knowing more about your project, but typically, the only place which directly impacts most authors is /libs/wcm/core/components/init/init.jsp which is  included in head.jsp. So I'd recommend just pointing to a modified copy of this file in your head.jsp (or however you are constructing pages).


              As I said above, helpPath is defined as a property of the dialog node.

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                Hi Justin - how do you override/turn off a foundation component's helpPath?


                For example, image dialog has a helpPath already defined and I have my own image component which refers to the foundation/components/image as it's sling:resourceSuperType.


                Currently, I don't even need to define my own dialog node, I'm just changing the image.jsp


                What would be the right way to override/turn off the helpPath set in foundation/components/image's dialog?


                Thanks in advance!


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                  Sham HC Level 7

                  Hi Jason,

                            Might be you need to overlay & modify      /libs/cq/ui/widgets/source/widgets/Dialog.js



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                    JasonLLee Level 1

                    Thanks for replying, Sham!


                    I got this done by having to create the cq:Dialog node and then in the items [cq:WidgetCollection] node under it, have the widgetCollection have the xtype property be cqinclude and a path that points back to the rest of the base implementation of the dialog /libs/foundation/components/image/dialog/items.infinity.json