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    Photoshop CS6: creating jigsaw puzzle templates

    saratogacoach Level 1



      Has anyone seen a tutorial or guide to creating your own templates for jigsaw puzzle pieces? So far, I can create these in CS6 (no longer seems to have Texturizer with a jigsaw puzzle texture like earlier PS versions) by using a single template (found with a YouTube video on this topic) for  a specific number of pieces, confined to the one template.


      I would like to make jigsaw puzzles with a variety of pieces, so it would be helpful if I could create my own templates with different numbers of pieces. There are PS plugins but these have costs associated with them, especially if used commercially. If possible, I'd rather create my own templates (in PS or AI). For example, I'd like to create an "easy" puzzle template with 20 pieces.


      If none exist, an option would be to re-install PS CS 4, 5 or 5.5, alongside CS6. Not sure which is the last version to have Texturizer with a jigsaw texture, but it may be CS4 (by additional download for CS5). But, not having seen or used it in earlier versions, I also wonder if it has sufficient configuration options to choose the number of pieces for a jigsaw? As mentioned, would like to create a range of templates all with different numbers of pieces.


      Any leads, suggestions appreciated.