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    Premiere CS6 skips/does not play first second of vob file - while with vlc all fine


      Hello everyone!

      I am trying to edit vob files (after being ripped on hdd) and Premiere seems to skip the the first second in the media browser, source monitor etc. after import. When opened with vlc-player the vob file is just fine and the first (missing) second (part of a sentence) is there. So I tried to convert the vob file to an avi file with Adobe Media Encoder. Same thing the first second is missing in the avi file. Adobe Bridge - same thing. Same problem with other vob files.

      What can I do? Thank you very much for your kind help!

      Best, Michael


      System: Windows 7 (64) all updated. Master Collection CS6 all updated (Premiere Pro CS6 - 6.0.1 etc.)