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    Dip-to-black transition always too fast in Premiere Elements -- any solutions?

    d koh

      In Premiere Elements 10 (for Mac), I'm using the dip-to-black transition to end a short music video.  No matter how long I make the last clip or how long I set for the duration of the transition itself, it dips to black within 15 - 30 frames.  I need a slow, linear-looking fade to black -- on the order of 3 to 4 seconds -- and this seems to be impossible with Premiere Elements.  Even if I make the final clip 5 seconds and make the dip-to-black transition cover the last four seconds of the clip, for example, the screen is invariably completely black well before it even reaches the halfway point of the transition in the timeline.  I've never seen anything like this with other programs.  I see no way to adjust the linearity of the effect -- only the duration and starting and ending percentages. 


      Has anyone else encountered this and is there a solution...?