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    starbird parrot Level 1
      I have an empty file opened. Colors are set to black and white in the icon. Mode is RGB. When I try to use the brush tool to make a mark, it only comes out PALE PALE PALE gray. Opacity is set to 100% as is fill. Why can't I get a black line and what can I do about this? it's urgent as I need to sign a document. thanks




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          conroy Level 5

          Check your brush options


          Screen shot 2012-08-01 at 23.43.34.png


          as well as layer options


          Screen shot 2012-08-01 at 23.48.27.png

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            starbird parrot Level 1

            I have checked everything...


            Here is a suggested list and I checked all of them.... nothing is set incorrectly.


            Make sure you are on a pixel Layer and it is not locked (any of the locks)

            - Make sure the Blend mode of Layer is Normal

            - Make sure you have no Layer Styles turned on

            - Make sure Layer and Fill Opacity of Layer is set to 100%

            - Make sure you do not have a Layer Mask on that Layer

            - Make sure that Layer does not have a Vector Mask on that Laye

            - Make sure you don't have a hidden selection turned on by typing Cmd+D (Ctrl+D for PC)

            - Make sure the blending mode of the brush is set to Normal



            I tried the pencil tool and it was black, but when I went to save it, it turned pale gray.


            This is really baffling and I need to sign this document.  Also I am using CS4...

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              conroy Level 5

              Try resetting the Brush Tool. Right-click the icon at the left of its options bar to get the reset menu.


              Screen shot 2012-08-01 at 23.57.06.png

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                starbird parrot Level 1

                You're brilliant!!! That did it. The brush now brushes in black.  How did you know to do that?  What do you think was wrong. Boy, I will never forget that little tidbit.


                Thank you so much!!!

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                  conroy Level 5

                  A lucky guess! There are so many controls in the Brush Tool settings that it seemed easiest to do a complete reset of the tool.

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    Nah, you're brilliant.



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                      starbird parrot Level 1

                      Not only brilliant, but very sweet... thank you.