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    custom dictionary


      Hi All,


               I need to create a new custom dictionary and add words to it to language as English -USA.

               I am successful in adding words to existing User Dictionary(target).

               how to set target as custom dictionary(say new dictionary i ceated is "customdict.udc").

               please help.



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          Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Nick


          appliedLanguage:{name:"Hebrew", singleQuotes:"‘’", doubleQuotes:"“”", hyphenationVendor:"WinSoft Extended", spellingVendor:"", thesaurusVendor:"", dictionaryPaths:["C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 7.0-ME\en_GB\Dictionaries\MindSpell\he.udc"], icuLocaleName:"he_IL", spellingVendorList:["0x11a500kMSLHunSpellServiceName"], hyphenationVendorList:["WinSoft Extended"], label:""}


          Is an example of the properties of a selection of a file on my (windows) computer so I think you would want something like

          app.languagesWithVendors[c].dictionaryPaths=["C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 7.0-ME\en_GB\Dictionaries\MindSpell\he.udc"]


          But if you type the above line as written it wont work for obvious reasons


          Run this script for some help


          for (c=0; c<app.languagesWithVendors.length;c++)
          try {$.writeln(c+") "+app.languagesWithVendors[c].name+" "+app.languagesWithVendors[c].dictionaryPaths)}
          catch (d) {$.writeln(c+"] "+app.languagesWithVendors[c].name+" "+d)}


          you might have to use the addDictionaryPath() command see http://jongware.mit.edu/iccs6js_html/iccs6js/pc_LanguageWithVendors.html


          Please reply with what worked