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      The ps express app has add on effects packs ... can you get more effects for ps touch on iPad if so how where ... I want to use the CUTOUT artistic filter from ps in the touch app is this possible ...

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          Sharon Huang Level 3

          Hi stevebinnion

          Have you tried Posterize and Threshold effects under the Stylize menu in the effects dropdown? They can create similar effects to the cutout filter.


          Alos, you can create a request for the feature in our ideas forum. On the left panel under Actions, click "create an idea" to make a thread. Feel free to comment and vote on other feature requests there.


          http://forums.adobe.com/community/creative_cloud_touch_apps/adobe_photoshop_touch?view=ide a

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            stevebinnion Level 1

            Hi Sharon... thanks for your help... im new to a lot of what Adobes about and it seems very hard to find out things ... can you help me with the following - as i said im using the touch apps on my ipad and as such i have the creative cloud, does that mean im a member? and how do i download the cloud to my mac desktop...I cant for the life of me see how thats done ... mostly can i put a logo or link to the adobe cloud onto the mac desktop and ipad like i can with say dropbox 

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              Sharon Huang Level 3


              You need to sign up for an Adobe ID to become a member. You can sign up for free down here and get 2GB of space.



              Unfortunately there is no way to access the cloud service on the desktop right now. You will need the link to download from your space. Hope this helps!