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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 stuck at exporting


      I'm having difficulties exporting edited videos lately.


      My only footage comes from either Canon 5D2, Canong G12 or Sony Nex-5N. I'm currently working on a wedding with all the shots from 5D2.


      Lately I noticed it takes a lot of time for Premiere to export a video. I record it in 1080 25p with the 5D2, import the footage as DSLR 1080 25p and usually export as a 720P 25P file. The size of files I'm usually exporting is around 2-4 minutes and rarely over 200mb (never 300).


      It used to export such videos in let's say 5-8 minutes, now it takes (looking at the estimated time left) about 30-45.


      About a week ago it hanged for the first time while I was playing with GoPro footage for the first time and it was the only really big file (2,5 hours long, 8gb for export). It got stuck at 91%. I left it overnight and in the morning it was done.


      Yesterday I was working on a wedding video. There was lots of Magic Bullet looks used on the clips. I tried to export it send it to my coworker for a review of the color correction and it got stuck at 21minutes left (out of about 40 which is really a high number for a 3minute 200mb file if you ask me) and 27%. I again left it overnight thinking it will export overnight. Well, it didn't.


      In the morning it was still stuck at 21:06 to go and 27% done. Since I had to leave for work I'll try to restart my computer when I get home, kill all the programs that I don't need and just try to export it again. If that doesn't help I think I need to format the whole system.. :/


      The PC I use (if you need this information):




      16GB Ram



      Checking the task manager while it was stuck yesterday showed me that Premiere was using around 5,5gb of RAM a the moment (if this information helps in anyway).


      The footage is on the same harddrive as the export file goes. It's a sepparate hard drive from the system drive.


      I only run google chrome and winamp while editing in Premiere, everything else is more or less turned off.


      Thank you for your help and suggestions.


      Why do I have this kind of problem?