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    AVCHD 50i to UT for master

    WilfredAP Level 1



      I'm currently working on a project and my client want it in 5 different formats (Blu-ray, DVD, tablet, mobile phone and internet-flv).

      Exporting 5 times the timeline is very time consuming so I want to do it once and convert this master with TMPGenc 5 to all needed formats.

      I want some advice how to export from Premiere CS6.



      The footage from my camcorders is AVCHD 1920x1080 and pal-interlaced and the output must also be interlaced.


      When exporting from Premiere, I got 4 UT options:





      Which one fits best to my source footage or is the best for TMPGenc?

      When I set Field order to Upper First, must I also checked "Assume interlaced video" on the Codec Settings box? I did already some tests but when I import some exported file to TMPGenc, it always says it's a progressive file.

      I've also tests RGB vs YUV420 but the RGB file is much bigger (2x) and I'm asking myself if this is worth because of my source footage.


      Hope someone could help me in the right direction.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          With CS6, you can now set up all 5 exports and Adobe Media Encoder will do them all simultaneously instead of one after another.


          But, to answer your question, YUV420 mode is best for your media.  You do not need to check Assume Interlaced.

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            WilfredAP Level 1

            Thanks Jim!


            I know the Media Encoder could do all the encoding but exporting my timeline with many effects once to h264 will take around 4-5 hours from direct export. With Media Encoder much longer.

            Have to do this 3 times with different profiles/bitrates and for DVD, I'm mostly using TMPGenc with frameserver but in this case I use the UT exported file.

            TMPGenc with x264 gives also better results at low bitrates wich is good voor portable devices.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Well, I'd agree that x264 is the way to go.


              But for clarity, I wasn't just saying that AME can do all the encoding.  It's always been able to do that.  I was saying that with CS6, AME can do all of the encoding at the same time.  Used to be that if you wanted several versions of an export, AME would go through each one in sequence, but now it can do them all at once.

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                WilfredAP Level 1

                Really? I doesn't know that.

                Do you have some tutorial about this?


                Sometimes a client wants flv in different sizes and than this would be very handy.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  I don't know of any tutorials.  But once you create your first export from PP, you can add additional exports using the voluminous presets to the right.  Any preset thus added will be exported at the same time as the first.