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    Premiere Blackmagic Card Crashing

    openskies2009 Level 1

      I have Adobe CS5 Suite with the blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme 3d+ driver vs 9.6.1 operating on MacPro OS Mountain Lion 10.8 all updates have been installed.

      I have a HD switcher outputting 1080 50i into the blackmagic using SDI and in Premiere the BlackMagic Presets for capturing and sequences.


      The first problem that is when I lay down audio into the blackmagic preset sequence it outputs both the video and audio through the SDI out to a JVC monotor, which is fine for the video but I want the sound to output to the line out of the MacPro where I have my sound system hooked into.


      I have set the audio output mapping in Premiere to Built-in Output in preferences.

      in the Default Device it is set to Built-In Output.

      In the system output it is set to Built-in Output.

      But still when I play back the blackmagic sequence it plays through my JVC monitor.


      The second problem whatever type of media I try to load into the viewer it instantly crashes with the error "Adobe Premeire Pro CS5 quit unexpectedly" with the ignore report and reopen buttons.

      Soemtimes the same thing would happen when switching from a non-blackmagic sequence into one and vicaversa, just crashes.

      I have playback settings in preferences in premiere to Adobe Player and tried Blackmagic Design Playback, still the same problems.

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          jesmo71 Level 1

          Try this for the audio output - Use Built-in Line Output (Generally the Built-in Output will send audio to the headphone jack) The Built-in Line Output sends it to the sound card coming out of your machine in the back.http://ftp.moorecreativedesign.com/line%20output.jpg <--- click here for a pic of what it should look like.

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            jesmo71 Level 1

            As far as your system crashing, I would not be surprised if there is a conflict between blackmagic and mountain lion (since it is so new). I would make sure you have the most current drivers from Blackmagic Design installed.  You might try trashing your prefs for PPro, and see if that helps. It probably wouldn't be a bad thing to trash your prefs for Blackmagic Design as well. Then reboot, and try again.

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              openskies2009 Level 1

              Thank you for replying!

              I tried the built in line output but it still sends it out through blackmagic card.

              I trashed the premiere prefs but still the same problem.

              I do not know how to trash the blackmagic prefs, anyone know how to?

              I  have the latest drivers for blackmagic.

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                jesmo71 Level 1

                Ok, try going to PPro Preferences --> Playback and Set the audio device to desktop audio. You may have to do this in conjunction with the audio hardware being set to builti-in line output.


                Also, you should be aware that if you use video playback out of the Blackmagic Design card, but audio playback out of your machine, you will probably have a 4 frame offset with audio/video sync.  I know if I play audio out of my machine and video out of my blackmagic card, the audio does not sync. (But then, that could just be me )

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                  jesmo71 Level 1

                  One more thought. Have you gone into your System Preferences, and clicked the Blackmagic Design settings?  There are several settings in there that can be adjusted according to your setup.

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                    openskies2009 Level 1

                    What I tell tell the pres in premiere doesnt have a Playback option.

                    I am in CS5 and this is what it looks like.

                    Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 7.10.56 PM.png

                    Within system settings I have what is called the "Blackmagic Design Desktop Video 9.6.1".

                    I dont see any sound settings in there that I can adjust.

                    One thing that is weird is I have "When not playing video send" as "Last Frame Played".

                    But my JVC monitor goes black when I loose focus on premiere.. How figure??

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                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                      Check your Audio/Midi settings in OSX and see what the default output is set to. If you are using the Blackmagic with Premiere on the PC then the audio always goes out the Blackmagic card regardless of what you set the default audio device to. This is so the Video and audio are synced. I would not be surprised if it's that way on the Mac as well with CS5.


                      If you change to another application putting Premiere in the background then the Preview from the Blackmagic will change to a Black Frame. That is normal.




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                        jesmo71 Level 1

                        Ah,I missed the part about CS5. (the playback preference is only in CS6) - However changing the Audio Hardware and Output mapping to Built-in Line Output is the same.


                        The audio on MAC does not work like a PC.  If you go to Audio Hardware and change it to Built-in Line Output it SHOULD be sending audio through your line out on the back of your machine.


                        The blackmagic will playback according to how you set up your sequence in CS5.  You'll need to make the sequence using the Blackmagic Design presets when you create a new Sequence.


                        You are able to select the audio output separately from the video output. Audio is controlled in the Audio Device and Audio Output Mapping preferences. Select Built-in Line output for both of those.



                        ECBowen is correct about clicking between programs - the Blackmagic Card's output will go away until you return to PPro. The "Last frame played" is only when you're paused inside PPro.

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                          openskies2009 Level 1

                          Ahh ok. That would explain the blackmagic going to black.

                          The audio midi is set to built in line output but its still going to the monitor

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                            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                            The Audio restriction to Blackmagic output is by Adobe/Blackmagic's design and not due to how Audio works on the PC. You have those same options regarding mapping the output on PC with Adobe. However once the Blackmagic card is initialized then the Audio goes out the card regardless of those settings. I am relatively certian it was the same if my memory is correct on the MAC with CS5. They might have changed this with CS6. I dont know, I have not tested CS6 on the Mac with Blackmagic yet.