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    Pr crashes after handling of Ps file CS6

    Kochichack Level 1



      1) after adjusting of any kind, like trimming or ease in or out, canvas flashes a white frame and then the whole system freezes. I usually have to wait before being able to even move the cursor, I have to force quit or quit then the crash report follows.


      2) adjusting of any kind to Ps file in sequence, after I press play a black frame flashes, canvas goes black but sequence keeps playing, can hear the sound but no video. Unable to stop playback, have to wait like a minute or more, then stop playback, can't see anything in the canvas, have quit Pr then crash report.


      3) Editing Ps file in Ps, I've have notice that if I keep Ps open when round tripping Pr crashes with one of the above symptoms.


      It is happening more often as I'm trying to finish a doc and I'm working with a lot of pictures. Nothing crazy, I usually create a Ps file in Pr then add the picture in Ps using mini bridge, work it then save it, thats it. Maybe 2 adjustment layers, hue and curves.


      I uninstalled cs6, then installed it again, mayor issues with the installing, had to do the trial, couldn't get it to work.


      I'm running CS6, with i7 processor, Raid 5 and a 285 nvidia card in Lion.