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    Unable to save edited PDF from IE

    slabbe Level 1

      We have several PDF forms that users fill out from the web.  The forms are presented with ColdFusion.  There are 2 scenarios.  The users will sometimes pull up an already existing form to edit and saveit.  Other times they need to create the form from PDF templates. it is presented with a cfpdfform tag. 

      When the user opens an existing form with a link and Adobe Reader is set up to open within the IE browser they cannot save the edited file.  A dialogue box pops up stating the file alread exists, would you like to replace it. If you answer yes to this another dialogue box pops up stating :"The document could not be saved. This file is already open".  If Adobe PDF is set to NOT open in the browser and the form comes up in Adobe then the save works fine.  However, setting Adobe Reader to not open in the browser doesn't work well when the user needs to create from the PDF template. When the file opens in Adobe the user can save it however, all file pathing and filenames are lost.  it generates temporary filenames and wants to save it to ...Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\SWGQJPOR. 

      A couple of questions. Anyone know how to get the already existing PDF to save when opened from within the browser?  or if not, anyone know how to get the pathing to stay on the file when it is opened in Adobe? 

      I'm using Acrobat X to build the template and IE 7 and IE8 for browsers.  Any help is definitely appreciated. thanks