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    Video Project Conversion

    thunderclap82 Level 1

      This might be a long-winded question/explanation, but hopefully it will make it easier to understand what I'm trying to do.


      I have an old project that I shot back in 2005 on mini-DV. It was shot in 24pA and edited in Final Cut Pro. Still new working with 24pA the footage was captured at 29.97 in NTSC DV and never had a proper pulldown. It wasn't until after the project was complete this was realized.


      I now want to go back and tweak this project but don't want to use FCP as Premiere has become my primary NLE. However, all the files were captured on a Mac in FCP using their NTSC DV codec. I've done some research and found that I can convert the FCP Project File for use within Premiere, but what I need to figure out is if I can do a proper pulldown in Premiere, After Effects or one of Adobe's other production programs. I know this can be done in Apple's Cinema Tools program (though I'd have to do some minor tweaking to the project timeline as runtime will be off a bit), but is there a way with an Adobe program? I'd rather work with Adobe software than Apple.


      It should also be noted I'm running CS5 Production Premium on Windows 7, though I am considering upgrading to CS6.


      So two OS's utilizing two competitive programs. Any suggestions on how best to tackle this?