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    LiveCycle 101?


      About 8 months ago or so, my organization installed LiveCycle on my desktop.  Quite the learning curve, but I've managed to design and build some really nice forms and am now quite comfortable with it.  So I'm looking to move on to more and better.  And here's where I need help.  Bear with me...


      I'm in a position where I can pitch using more of the capabilities that my organization currently doesn't have enabled.  For example, we don't use Reader Extensions.  This would be a huge asset for us, as we routinely send out PDF forms and request attachments.  With Reader Extensions, we could very easily allow those attachments to be inserted in-line.  This would be huge.


      I see the benefit in having forms connect to a database, both to insert data/fields/fragments into a form, as well as taking user-entered data and storing it in a database.  This would apply for many uses, one of which would be for surveys.  We're planning on doing some surveys in the future (12 months or so), and I think this would be a great way of going about it, as opposed to manually going through each and every survey.  Anyway....


      Trouble is, Adobe sales/support doesn't want to deal with me, as I'm not the designated contact for my organization.  That contact doesn't see the value, and needs....a little guidance from management.  I'm in a position to pitch it to management, and have them apply the push to our IT guys.


      All of that out of the way...  I've poured through the online material that Adobe offers, and I need a more basic 101 breakdown of what we can do with LiveCycle and the extensions.  What all is possible?  What are some real-world examples?  What are really great features that would help sell this idea?


      Any and all information is greatly appreciated.