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    How to add buttons to a main menu


      I'm relatively new to Premier and am struggling with moving/adding buttons from a sub menu to the main menu.


      I saw a post that mentioned adding a menu marker and it will automatically add it to the menu. That isn't quite my problem, but I apologize if I missed another post that explains how to do what I'm trying


      I'm using version 10.  I have 4 main menu markers.  The main menu shows the usual Play button and then 2 of the main menu markers.  The other 2 show on a secondary menu.  I want to have all 4 show up on the main menu.  There appears to be lots of room on the menu. 


      I can't find how to cut and paste the menu items or anything like that. 


      Thanks in advance, and I apologize if this is covered somewhere else and I missed it in my searches.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          In order to have all four main menu scene buttons show up on the same page, you have to use a template that has four main menu buttons. And I don't think Premiere Elements has one.


          There are scene menus with four or more scene buttons, so you can use scene menu markers instead. But main menu templates aren't quite as flexible. At least the ones that come with Premiere Elements.


          There are a number of custom-created disc menu templates at http://Muvipix.com. Many are free and many more are free to subscribers to the site. A number of them have room for 4 or more buttons on the main menu, I believe.


          Otherwise, the only other option is to do your video editing in Premiere Elements and then output your finished video to a dedicated DVD authoring program to create your menus. DVD Architect Studio is a $39 download from Sony Creative Software, and it makes a great companion to Premiere Elements.


          Muvipix.com has a number of free tutorials for both Premiere Elements and DVD Architect.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Steve's suggestion on making changes to an existing Menu Set is a good one.


            There are some levels of customization, available in PrE, but not THAT many.


            However, if one is very familiar with Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, they fully understand all of the nuances of the Menu Sets and either start with an existing Menu Set, or use one as a "model," The revised Menu Set can be Saved for later use in other Projects. However, it is not the easiest of tasks, and again, a full understanding of everything in the Menu Sets is required.


            This article links to a discussion in the Photoshop Forum on creating, or modifying PrE Menu Sets: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/548222?tstart=90


            One should never save over the Library Menu Sets, and one must familiarize themselves with every aspect of Menu Sets. Even though I do this fairly often, I always keep one of the Menus handy, as a guide, so that I do not make any mistakes.


            Also, because of the semi-automatic authoring in PrE, there are many limitations, that must be adhered to. As Steve also mentions, it is much easier to just use a full-featured authoring application, like DVD Architect.


            Good luck, and before you start, study the PrE Menu Sets at great length. Gain a full understanding of the naming conventions, and what they mean and do, when authoring back in PrE.



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              rjjump2 Level 1

              Thanks for the great answer, Steve!


              I had things set up with scene menus, but hated to waste the clicks/space when it should be able to go on a single menu and I was just assuming Elements had a little more flexibility than it does.


              I'll definitely look into the add-ons you mention to fill in some of pieces that are missing from Premiere Elements.


              Thanks Again!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                PrE has a pretty linear and limited authoring capability, though it works just fine for the vast majority of users, and is easy to do - so long as you don't have heavy demands.


                I use Adobe Encore, but it is no longer available, other than bundled with Adobe Premiere Pro (not a cheap solution, by any stretch). It is a full-featured authoring program, like Sony's DVD Architect. As I do not use the Sony program (Encore does all that I have ever wanted), I have to rely on Steve (he literally "wrote the book on it"), to discuss its capabilities and features.


                In Encore, one can use Library Menus, or can create them in Photoshop (if one has both En and PS, they link to each other), and as there are no Menu Sets, i.e. if one wants a Main Menu, they add that, and if they want Scene Selection Menus, that add that/those, things are actually easier, though there is much more "hand work" done, than the semi-auto authoring functions in PrE. DVD Architect is very similar, though might offer some "big button" solutions, that Encore does not?


                I often do, just what you describe, a single Main Menu, but with all of my Scene Selection Buttons on it. Also, since I need to manually link my Buttons to my Timelines, the Menus in Encore are actually a lot less complicated, and at many levels. When I first tackled a PrE Menu Set, it took me many hours, just to understaind what I was looking at, and how/why it differed from my Encore Menus.


                Good luck, and beyond Menu customization, if you want some intricate navigation, with far fewer limitations, then look into DVD Architect.