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    CS5 Save for web not showing in Name order..Help




      I have noticed today that something has changed.


      I am using Photoshop CS 5 on Windows XP Pro.


      When saving images for web (for my proofing system i do which is saving photos of cars i.e CAR-10_01, _02 and so on then CAR-22_01, _02 and so on  when i get to the part of selecting where to save i notice each time i save photos they are now appearing in the order they are saved as apposed to the order of name of the photo.


      I have tried going to the folder and arranging by name it works in the folder fine, I have tried doing that on the small window when saving through PS it shows the files in order by name then but when i go to save the next photo it goes straight back to arranging them by modification which is a pain as certain files in this case care numbers are appearing all jumbled up as apposed to in car number order.


      I have tried everything i can think of but it keeps reverting back to showing me them in order of time i have saved the files. Last week it was not doing this and i was seeing them in order of file name.


      I hope this makes sense and someone can help me please?