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    Help making half a circle or semicircle

    Kar209 Level 1

      Hello:                                                                                     Level: Just slightly more than a Newbie  OS: Windows 7 64bit   Ps: CS6



      I have been trying to make a semicirlce or a half of a circle in order to make a Sun on a horizon.


      Thus far I have used the Ellipse tool and tried using the New Layer > Subtract Front Shape method but I am left with something closer to a crescent shape.


      I have also tried to draw a circle and then remove handles but that hasn't worked either.


      I've tried a few other things but all have failed me. I have also been all over the Adobe "Help", Forums, FAQ's, Youtube etc. but have been unsuccessful in finding a "how to..."


      If you're getting the gist of what I am trying to do/explain and you know of a way I can accomplish what I need I would Greatly Appreciate your time and efforts.


      Thank you So Much!!


      Take care,