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    How would i animate different buttons and objects at the same time?

    super waffle

      so when a button is rolled over, I want 5 buttons, and 3 vector objects to animate down ward. to better visualize what i am talking about go to the is link:




      When the Menu button is rolled over I want to have a dropdown menu appear underneith the word Menu pushing everthing underneith it downward.The drop downmenu will have Beverage, Food, and Store. To do this i will have to slice the upper half of the menu bar to have it as a different object as well as the bottom half of the menu bar, logo, the bottom 2/3 of the frame and underlines between each word as seperate objects. The above objects listed are all on the master layer the words however are all on a layer above the master layer called Menu items. So i need to animate objects that are on different layers in the same animation.


      When the menu button is rolled over i need to somehow insert new objects (the frame is transparent it cannot just exist inder the menu bar as a hidden object because it will screw up the the tranparent object.) into the area that will be seperated.


      My question is (finally!) Is the above possible to do? How would i go above making this type of animation using fireworks?