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      I have amfphp working, I was just wondering how you go about getting data out of a database, what is the php code, ie. do you make arrays out of the results...

      and how do i split each array in flex?
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          jefflemon Level 1
          Can someone please help, ive tried loads of tutorials and none of them work, been trying to do it for ages
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            I am kind of new to flex, too, but here is how I would do it.

            First you get your php code to turn the query resulta in xml data, turning everything into nodes. You have several examples on the web that tells you how to do this.

            Then, in Flex, you use Datagrid, for one, to get the data from the php file as you would do with a regular xml file (using httpservice). then you choose the nodes you want to use and the data on each record to display in each column of the datagrid.

            I hope this helped.