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    Areca 1882IX - SAS Cable or SAS Backplane?


      I just ordered the Areca 1882IX-12 PCIe 3.0 raid controller.   The plan is to connect two raid 0 SATA drives and six raid 5 SAS drives, all mounted internally in the workstation case.   (It has 12 slots for drives.)   The fellow I talked to at ArecaDirect.com said that they would ship one mini-sas to Sata cable and two mini-sas to mini-sas cables.   With Sata, installation should be pretty straight forward.  However...


      I don't know what I need to hook up the SAS drives.   (Hey, I'm a software developer.   We're not good with hardware.)   It appears that there at least two installation options:


      1) Buy and install a SAS backplane.   Given that my workstation is set up for standard SATA disks, I'm not sure how this could be installed.


      2) Buy and use at least two mini-SAS to SAS cables.  It looks like these would work: http://shop.promise.com/index.php?p=product&id=50



      It looks like mini-SAS to SAS cables would make installation the easiest.   Are there any issues with this approach?  Any reason to consider a SAS backplane?  Installation tips?  


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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Both 8087 multi-lane forward breakout cables will work. Just notice the Promise one uses the wide connectors to cover both the SATA and the power connection, hence the four molex connectors. The Newegg one is just the SATA connection.


          No sense in buying a backplane separately. If your drive cages have a backplane, just look carefully at the connectors. I know that a Chenbro backplane has different connections than an Icy Dock backplane for instance. However, both work with the Newegg version of the breakout cable, but not with the Promise one. If you don't have backplanes on your drive cages, my nod would also go to the Newegg version.

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            dan_public2 Level 1



            Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I gave you incorrect info.  The Newegg cable is a mini-SAS to Sata cable and not a mini-SAS to SAS cable.


            After much searching, the only mini-SAS to SAS cable I could find was the Promise cable.  So I bought it. I hope I made the right decision.


            Again, thanks for the feedback.