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    Wacom tablet not pan/scrolling


      Premiere 5.5 doesn't seem to like Wacom tablets very much.  In particular, the pan/scrolling function that lets you 'grab' the screen and quickly pan left or right along the timeline, for instance.  It just locks up and judders, or gets confused and tries moving everything in the wrong direction.


      Are other people still having this problem?  Anyone know a fix to it?

      Is this fixed in CS6?


      It makes navigation needlessly cumbersome and slow, having to click and drag the tiny arrows and scroll bars.  After Effects doesn't have this isue, nor do Photoshop, Illustrator or other Adobe programs.  From what I can see this isn't a new thing, I'm just surprised Adobe have spend so much effort trying to make these tiny incremental software changes to speed up workflows, when the basic interface isn't working properly for tablets (or trackpads, from what I can see).


      Any advice greatly appreciated.




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          andrei.nemcik Level 1

          I'm having similar issues in terms of performance and response in PP CS6. On the Program monitor, some times, if I try to move the scale or position the clip with the pen its not precise. If I'm in the Source monnitor draging a file from it to the timline could be a pain, some times it works fine on the first try and some times I need to repeat til it accualy grab the file. I've been using Wacom pen tablets exclusivley for the last 7 years or so, as it speed up my work flow and reduce fatigue in my right hand. In general, I think the Wacom its not performing as it should on Premier Pro CS6. I would love to see this resolved as soon as possible.



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            I have similar issue with Illustrator CS5 under OSX Mountain Lion. Panning with WACOM Intuos 4 tablet in Photoshop works great. In Illustrator the directions are reversed, there are lags, random speedups and slowdowns. It is complettely unusable.

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              I use an Wacom Intuos5 with Photoshop CC (2014+2015) with pan/scroll set to the lower click button on the pen



              My issue is that it randomly stops working 20% of the time I use it. Clicking the button literally does nothing, as if it was broken, but it's not because about an hour or so later it just starts working again. Which means it must be a software issue. Totally frustrating when it happens because I end up dragging elements around my canvas without noticing and my designs end up inaccurate.


              Anybody else experience this issue and/or have a remedy?



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                FFS can anyone at Adobe figure this out???? It's definitely a software issue as this only happens while using Adobe design software.

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                  (all my comments apply to Mac, not Windows)

                  Slow and stuttering panning/scrolling has been a Wacom problem for years, and they "refuse" to discuss it, nor to fix it. You can find hundreds of complaints going back at least five years. It is a problem with older models, and with new (I've tried both).


                  I use the pen button for pan/scroll, and that's where the failure is. I don't have this problem with Adobe Photoshop CC because the pen button does nothing in Photoshop. The Wacom pref panel says this does not affect applications that scroll with a grabber hand, which should explain it, but which is false — try InDesign!


                  I once had this beat, using a very old (10 yrs?) Wacom driver, but it doesn't work anymore.


                  Moreover, the problem is NOT only with Adobe software. I experience this problem as well with the new Microsoft Word, BBedit, and a number of other apps.


                  It appears that Wacom has incorrectly implemented some form of panning, akin to holding down the space bar, for some apps.


                  What's really weird is that the problem generally goes away when the app is in the background. Try this:

                  - Open a window of another app, e.g. Safari

                  - Be sure you can see your Photoshop (or InDesign, etc.) window behind.

                  - Hold down the pen button (set for pan/scroll), and you can move the contents of the window behind the front window by holding and dragging on it.

                  - Notice it moves as it should — fast, quick, clean.

                  - WTF?


                  I cannot find another tablet, or I'd buy it. We spend 50% of our time moving stuff around on screen — why can't Wacom fix this? They've had years!