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    Dynamically populated Drop Down automatically replacing values


      Hello, I am fairly new to Livecycle despite having a fair background in various other scripting languages including a little java.


      For some reason I cannot figure out my form does a few strange things. At the moment I have one drop down box that is populated with about 5-7 values

      from an XML data source. It populates correctly but upon previewing the document, everytime a value is selected it replaces the first value in the list making

      a duplicate list entry. No matter which choice is made it overwrites the first choice in the box. The first value never returns.


      There is no code in the form yet, only a drop down box connected to this XML data source through a simple XSD schema.


      The point of this is to eventually have two drop down boxes followed by three text boxes. When the user selects a value out of the

      first drop down it populates the second based on the selection made. Then as a selection is made in the second box it populates the

      three textboxes according to the second choice.


      Order of choice:

      DropDownList1 --> DropDownList2 --> Textbox1, Textbox2, Textbox3


      I have searched for anyone else having the drop down issue and cannot find any information, any help would be appreciated.


      The second question is how can I make these populations happen?

      I have walked through the tutorials on linking and data binding with no success. I can post up copies of my XML and XSD if needed although there

      really isn't anything too complex about them, I just can't get a grasp on it and despite setting it up to match the tutorial it still doesn't work.