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    Premiere Pro CS5 not exporting audio


      Hi all,


      I've already searched Google and these forums extensively but can't seem to solve this problem even with all the solutions I've seen. I've never had any trouble in the past with exporting and/or audio, but the project I'm working on won't export properly.


      I'm exporting a ~4 minute video with a mix of camera (Canon 60D) audio, audio from my Rode mic, and an mp3 as background music. The audio plays fine in the timeline, but I can't seem to get the export settings right. I've tried H.264, Vimeo HD, and exporting JUST the audio to no avail. The audio is AAC, which I've tried 48 and 44.1 kHz.


      The video exports perfectly in 1920 x 1080 but has absolutely no audio.


      Can anyone help me with this? The render time is super long on my old Macbook so I've just been exporting sections at a time.


      Thanks! Let me know if I should provide any additional information.


      Edit: I've also tried exporting through Media Encoder CS5; same result.

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          josephs51576386 Level 3

          I have a few questions/ideas that may or may not be of any help. Anyways though here you go


          Do other projects you have on your computer export audio okay?


          Have you tried sending the audio to Adobe Soundbooth and seeing if you can save the audio that way?


          Have you tried making a new sequence and copying and pasting all your content in the timeline into the new sequence then attempting to export?


          Have you tried other export options other than just h.264, like Microsoft avi or Quicktime possibly?

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            mfmiracleman Level 1

            I know that previous projects have exported audio just fine, but I'll try another one now to make sure.


            Also, I'll download Soundbooth and try the other solutions too and post shortly. Thanks man!

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              Film Professor

              Please do report as I am now experiencing the same problem. I cannot export audio AAC or AIFF.... It was working until recently. I've tried it on seperate sections of the sequence. Any solutions appreciated.

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                Hi, I'm having pretty much the same problem but after trying several of these solutions i'm still stuck,


                I've completed a 30 minute film using 3 different types of digital cameras.

                When i try to export it my system crashes and i have to open it again.

                the project file is 35GB and i have over 100GB space on my external usb hard drive, so i know there is enough space, i also deleted temp files and unused files too.

                I contacted an experienced film maker and took my hard drive to him so he could export it on his system and that also crashed, but he was able to export the entire video of the sequence but unticking the export audio, so i have a 30 minute film with no sound and i've put it down to an audio issue.


                I had the same problem when trying to export the film when it was just 20 minutes long, i then cleared the media cache and deleted a lot of unwanted files etc, and then i was able to export the film. now it's 10 minutes longer and the issue seems impossible to solve.

                the only solution i can think of is to delete the last 10 minutes of audio (which isn't really an option) or somehow record the audio into a seperate file and import it into the project


                I'm not entirely sure of the exact details you would need from me but if there is any please ask

                Using windows 7

                4.00GB of RAM

                Dual processor


                Thanks for reading!



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                  shooternz Level 6

                  The external USB drive is most likely your issue.


                  Next could be minimal RAM


                  Next could be your computer processor - what is it?

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                    Film Professor Level 1

                    One of these is bound to work. In no particular order.


                    1. I'm on Mac, but I had a seperate external harddrive and did a clean install of OSX and CS6 on it, booted from it and I solved some problems.


                    2. Create a new blank sequence. Copy your old sequence into the new sequence. Oddly, sometimes this works.


                    3. Duplicate your sequence. Then export to Adobe Audition. This will render and replace all of your audio. You should be able to export without a problem. Or if it opens in audition without crashing, then export from there.


                    4. Dupilicate your sequence then simply render and replace all of your audio then export. This is probably the simpilest solution.


                    5. Look for bodyhit08.aiff That one sound file was causing trouble with my export.


                    6. Use the project manager to create a new project with trimmed media. (Suggested by Adobe at one point)


                    As noted, your RAM is much too little. Go up to 16GB asap. If you are using USB2 instead of USB3 for your external HDD, then that is also an issue. These are probably not causing the crashes, but are bottlenecks you shouldn't have.

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                      jimbobsalmon Level 1

                      Thanks for your advice!


                      Firstly, To exectue the USB drive issue, Would i have to transfer my entire project from my USB drive to the C drive on my laptop?

                      Or just change the location on the scratch disc to C and save the sequence to the C drive also?


                      As for the RAM issue, I was able to export my movie at 20 minutes altough i have -installed RAM 4GB (3.75GB unusable)? at this moment i'm unable to buy extra RAM and install it onto my laptop because i don't know how to do it..


                      The processor is Neo X2 Dual core processor L335 1.60GHZ


                      Thanks again!

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                        jimbobsalmon Level 1

                        Hey! I've considered reinstalling CS5, at an absoloute last resort but i'm afraid of stumbling across more issues with installing it again that i might not be able to finish my project at all.


                        I've tried the new blank sequence method but can still only export video without audio


                        I don't have Adobe Audition (anymore!) which is a ***** because i know that could have worked.


                        Could you please elaborate on " Dupilicate your sequence then simply render and replace all of your audio then export"?

                        I have an idea what you mean but i'm being as careful as i can to avoid making the situation worse.


                        Searched for bodyhit08.aiff within the project files and in my USB drive but couldn't see anything.


                        I'll try creating a project with trimmed media and changing the USB port


                        Thanks for helping me! this sure is consuming all my energy in the battle against Adobe! haha



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                          shooternz Level 6

                          USB 2 external drive will definitely bottleneck the video /audio processes ...and could cause a crash


                          Running off a single harddrive (especially C;) is also not recommended or advised for video editing..and this could cause a crash


                          Your processor is very slow for the task of video editing...



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                            jimbobsalmon Level 1

                            so that leaves with no actual solution here does it? if i can't use my external drive or my C drive, and my D drive is only 14GB.

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                              shooternz Level 6

                              Your C drive and your D drive are actualy the same single drive in a laptop.  It is partitioned that way. (1 drive is split C and D)


                              Sorry.  News is not good for you. 

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                                josephs51576386 Level 3

                                You can edit off just your C drive IMO. Just don't plan on doing it all the time because the performance sucks. It can also cause crashes just like shoot said, but for quite awhile when I first started edting with Premiere cs3 I used to edit off my OS drive (my c drive) all the time. Then as I learned that it can cause issues and will always cause major performance issues, I obviously quit doing it that way. But honestly I'd recommend you just at least try using your C drive and see what happens.


                                Also shoot was totally correct about USB 2.0 editing off of those can cause major bottlenecks. I just think that since your stuck anyways you might as well just attempt to edit off the C drive (to get this project finished) if you can't just buy some sort of E-SATA based external. If your system doesn't have a E-SATA port then you can probably just buy a expansion card.

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                                  jimbobsalmon Level 1

                                  Hi, I transfered my entire project to the C drive and it crashed during export, can you tell me how to render and replace all of your audio?

                                  as i haven't tried that yet, just not sure how to do it but it seems promising!



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                                    Film Professor Level 1

                                    Clip, render replace all audio. Make sure to do this from a DUPLICATED sequence. It will also require some free hard disk space on your scratch drive. you should have better luck exporting from there.


                                    I would never suggest putting media on the same drive as your operating system/programs (the c drive). As most people have pointed out, your system is a bit underpowered for video editing, especially with mixed media. Also, make sure you have plenty of free space on all of your drives, especially your C drive or else you will see a lot of crashes.


                                    Finally, is your USB drive even rated for video work? It should be a 7200RPM drive.

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                                      jimbobsalmon Level 1

                                      Sorry for being such a noob on this matter but i still don't know what you mean by Clip, render replace all audio, could you give me more specific instructions please? and by duplicating you mean i copy and paste into a new sequence?


                                      I'll focus on making sure there is enough space on the drive.

                                      You said you would never suggest putting media on the same drive as operating system.. but it's my only option if i want to avoid using my USB hard drive?


                                      I'm not at home just now to tell you what type of USB drive i own but i can tell you that it wasn't a problem when my project was 20:00 minutes long, loaded with effects.



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                                        i ran into the same or a similar problem. maybe my solution works for you too:



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                                          SOLUTION: I fixed mine.


                                          Turns out if you have any sort of secondary audio interface software like equalizer, or volume booster (culprit was Breakaway for me), etc. Adobe gets confused and exports the wrong thing basically. Within Premiere it plays the right channels, but when exporting, it doesn't pick it up.


                                          So my solution was to shut down anything except for the main sound card, and presto! Hope that helps