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    AIR Native Extension - Java

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      I'm sorry if this is not the best forum to post on this topic.  I will glady accept a redirect to whichever Adobe product group can best reply.


      The topic is AIR.  The topic is Native Extensions.


      The questions are:


      A.  Why is the ability to call between Actionscript and a Java Runtime limited to the Android platform?  What stands in the way of using that same gateway to a JRE running on my desktop, whether that be Windows or MacOS?


      B.  We desperately need first-class search engine support for AIR Desktop applications.  I am sure I am not the only one who sees that:


         a.  The Actionscript Lucene project dried up long ago.

         b.  There seems to be a robust C++ version, but if we were C++ developers we would never have spent that decade developing with Java.

         c.  Nothing could be more natural than wedding Lucene to AIR applications by usng the ANE to cobble the Lucene calls into our applications.  We have wonderful Actionscript-Java object sharing across the networkd, that same binding must be valid on the desktop.


      I am volunteering to do the gruntwork if someone will explain why all the documentation on developing an ANE when the cooperating side is Java says that it can only be done if the target platform is some silly little telephone instead of great big corporate data centers.