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    PS cs6 Extended Trial Expired After 24 hours, why?!?


      I literally downloaded photoshop cs6 extended & the very next day as i went to open it, it wouldn't. Instead it told me that my trial had expired. It wouldn't let me click the continue with trial button either.. so right now I need a serial number to continue. This is actually the second time this has happend and I don't want to unistall/download the trial for the third time. why is it doing this? please help!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Something on your system is interfering with the licensing system and unless you figure out what it is, this will never work. in fact it would be problematic even if you had a serial number. Since you didn't provide any more info, nobody can advise specifically, but the usual applies: Run as admin, turn off security stuff, make sure al lyour file permissions and user privileges are okay. The trial is a goner, though. Once locked down, there's no way to revive or extend the trial period.



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