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    how to download an image in the PDF locally from a swf?


      I meet a big problem, I hope he is not a limitation related to acrobat security.


      In summary,
      I created a flash animation that allows from one button to load an image locally (with Loader function)
      Then I joined this swf file as a resource file in my PDF
      and when I click the button nothing happens :-(

      I clarified several points:
      - Image "space2.jpg", swf and pdf files are in the same folder and the path of the image is "loader.load (new URLRequest (" space2.jpg "));"
      - Swf works fine in IE and firefox and the image appears well

      for resolved this problem, I inserted the file space2 as a resource in the pdf and my image appears now.

      But this does not solve my problem, because I want to integrate a function
      that will enable each user to choose a picture locally on their computer to display it as wallpaper.

      to do this I developed a new flash animation with a button that allows you to browse locally to select the desired image.

      when I joined this new swf in the pdf, the browser does not appear??


      How to fix this? is it possible to load an image locally? should we do in AS or JS?

      thank you for your help