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    Exporting lecture?




      I am relatively new to Captivate.


      I am a college instructor and have successfully used Captivate to create online lectures.  These lectures are narrated and the video created in Captivate serves to highlight important terms, show images, etc.  This semester, I am teaching my online class in a face-to-face environment as well and want to know if it's possible to somehow create a classroom-ready presentation from the Captivate files I've already made.  Basically, I need the "flow" of the presentation to respond to key strokes instead of being automated (timed) like in an online lecture since face-to-face instruction moves at an unpredictable pace.  Traditionally, I would use PowerPoint to create this type of lecture content, but I would hate to have to recreate all of my my lovely Captivate work in clunky old Power point.  :/

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Use a click blox to pause each slide.  In the the Shortcut field of the click box properties, select a keyboard key to press so that the click box releases the playhead.

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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



            I'm mostly using Captivate even in classroom for presentations. Rod is correct, just wanted to add if you need several clicks (or shortcut keys) on one slide, do not put the click boxes in the same location unless they are stacked on the timeline. Have a look at the screenshot:


            Some items appear automatically, but four items only appear when a click box is used. I have 4 click boxes in the same location on the slide, but they are staggered on the timeline, pausing corresponding with the start of the timeline for that object. The first click box will show BigFive, then the TC_B.. will appear automatically, the second click box will show Diamonds, and bit later its text caption appears...etc