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    Working with clips, channels, and tracks

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          Hi, I've been editing on FCP and just started working Premiere and I'm having a problem with audio channels, which I'm not sure is covered in the channel mapping explanation in this page. I'm importing my stereo clips using the stereo media as mono setting so I can edit the channels separately (I have dialogue on the left channel and nothing on the right), but when I export them they appear as two identical channels, with no left/right separation. Can anyone tell me what settings I need to use to keep the channels as discrete Left and Right stereo. If I have to map the tracks to tell Premiere which track plays left and right do I have to do this every time I start a new project? I didn't have to do this in FCP and it seems like there must be a less complicated and time-consuming way to make the program play the left channel out of the left speaker and the right channel out of the right speaker.

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            If there's nothing on the right channel, then I don't understand why you'd want that stereo separation.  I'd assume you want nothing from the right and the dialog from the left to be centered.

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              In the Audio Mixer, use the Pan/Balance knobs to pan track 1 to the left and track 2 to the right.  The default is both channels centered.