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    automated 2-color separations

    David Cardillo Level 1

      I have a very large number of 4-color TIFFs that I need converted to 2-color PSD or DCS files. Before I do a whole lot of banging my head against the wall — or heavens forbid trying to write my own script from scratch — I'd like to know if it's feasible.


      First, I'm not new to this. I don't need instructions on how to create 2-color DCS files from 3- or 4-color art. I do it quite often. Only I do it manually (using different methods, depending on the art).


      What I have are hand-drawn illustrations, mostly black line with blue tints. The problem is they're 4-color. The colors are consistent — I have the same 4 tints or shades of blue plus black (or 3 tints of blue and one blue/black mix + black). I have no issues using grayscale + levels to generate the spot color channels, or Select Color Range and different percentage fills in those channels.


      What I have is about a thousand of them — yes, literally 1,000 images — and I need them done as soon as possible. I don't relish the idea of going through all of them with the same operation, not when it can be automated.


      So that's my question — can it be automated? What I understand is this is primarily a process that requires human intervention — a human brain that can decide "this, not that." Can I create an Action that says (for example):


      set theColorRange to 67, 32, 23, 6

      select theColorRange

      fill channel Pantone Black 4 U 40%

      fill channel Pantone Process Blue 100%


      set theColorRange to 45, 15, 15, 0



      (PS 5.1, Mac OS 10.5)

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          It many be possible for you to do using a combination some actions that do the conversion one of which is selected by a script for the current document.  For it sound like you can create actions for the different methods you use which you select for the current art your working on. The hard part is that "depending on the art." If you can determine which method you would use looking at the attributes of the active document using Photoshop scripting. The whole process could be automated.  With scripting you may be able to do something like examine the document histogram  to figure out which methow is the one to use.   Or you may be able to add an adjustment layer then and look at the resulting histogram  to help select the correct method. How do you select the method that should be used? I have never written a script that tries to look at a document content to deside what to do. I have only use attributes like width, hight etc.