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    Mission doesn't advance

    fiona1414 Level 1

      I completed mission 1 with no issues. But when doing mission 2 (teeth whitening), when I get to step 5 (duplicating the hue/saturation layer) I create the duplicate, but the game does not show me the next step, it's as if it doesn't realize I completed that step. I've restarted the mission about a dozen times, but it keeps stopping at the same step. I also reinstalled the game, but it's still giving me the same problem.

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          Mira D Adobe Employee

          Hi fiona1414,


          Sorry to hear you are having trouble with Level Up. How are you duplicating the layer? Are you using a menu command or a shortcut?


          Also, which version of PS do you have? Which language version? And which OS?





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            fiona1414 Level 1

            I use ctrl alt j to duplicate the layer, and a little box comes up and I

            click yes to create the duplicate. I also tried doing it manually, by right

            clicking and selecting that option. I know it is successfully duplicating

            because it appears on the list on the right side. The instructions actually

            tell me cmd alt j, but I have a PC. I'm using Photoshop CS6 and I have

            Windows 7. Thanks.

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              I'm having the same problem on the same exact step. When I do the soft light step it doesn't advance to the next step. I have cs6 with OS X 10.7.4.

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                Mira D Adobe Employee

                Hi all,


                Please try restarting Photoshop and Level Up and let us know if you are still experiencing these problems.

                We will have a new version soon that will hopefully address some of these problems.




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                  ph889888s Level 1

                  Hi All,


                  I read from another thead of conversation similar to this issue regarding not advancing to the next step when doing the soft light step. It is a bug in Levelup software. It only recognize one way of changing the mode to soft light. It needs to change from the layers panel (see red circle in the image)


                  Mission2 Step6 Bug.jpg

                  If you were doing this step by right clicking the duplicated Hue/Saturation layer, selecting blending option and changing the blending mode from normal to soft light, these steps wouild do the same but it will not advance to the step 7.



                  Good Luck,




                  I have two suggestions to the software developers for Levelup 


                  1. Make a little bit clear where to go changing the mode on the step 6 of the mission 2 (it did not mention at all) and

                  2. Fix the software bug to recognize there are multiple pathes can achieve the same task. The miss should advance to the next step no matter which step is taken by user.