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    Android-friendly html

    Jack Community Member

      Please give me a pointer for info on adapting existing html to work on mobile devices. Current issue is related to selecting the area controlled by an image map. When tapping, and the area lights up as it should, the text in the Title tag is also supposed to pop up, but it does not.


      Any ideas appreciated. Is this the correct group for mobile-device html content?

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          Ben M ACP

          It might not be an issues of adapting. Let's see the code.

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            Jack Community Member

            Here is the mapping code:


            <map name="Bg10">

              <area shape="rect" coords="573,140,631,186" href="" title="Bldg 10 Started 08-01; ETC 08-04" alt="Bldg10">

              <area shape="rect" coords="472,140,520,186" href="" title="Bldg 09 ESD 08-06; ETC 08-08" alt="Bldg09">

              <area shape="rect" coords="407,126,452,169" href="#" title="Bldg 08 ESD 08-09; ETC 08-11" alt="Bldg08">

              <area shape="rect" coords="369,183,425,231" href="#" title="Bldg 07 ESD 08-13; ETC 08-14" alt="Bldg07">



            DW places the place marker (#) by default. I'm trying it both ways.


            Entire page is available here

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              MurraySummers ACP/MVPs

              The text in the title attribute (it's not a tag) will not pop up on mobile devices.  Why?  Because it's a HOVER-triggered event.  There is no HOVER on a mobile device.  There is only a tap.

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                Jack Community Member

                OK got it, a bit rusty on all this. What is the terminology for a little popup-window that comes up for 5-7 s. then closes. Is that do-able in DW?

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                  MurraySummers ACP/MVPs

                  That is how the title attribute contents appear.  But as I said, there is no hover on mobile devices, so you will not see it.


                  Hovering over this link will display "hello" -


                  <a href="#" title="hello">link</a>


                  but not on mobile devices.