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    I have done EVERYTHING in the tshooting and Forum... Please help me....

    LifeStyle Admin

      Ok Cannot get Adobe Flash to install on 5 different computers ( Dell PC, 64 Bit operating on Windows 7, 4gb@2.53Ghz) / 3 different browsers.( i.e9, FIrefox, Chrome) It gets to 7% then jumps to 47% and says finish. I have rebooted. Used the uninstaller. Managed Add- ons. replaced tht shock-player and done LITERALLY every step in troubleshooting AND in the forum... I know by now it is not only me and I have never had this problem before til version 11.3... Can anyone actually help me?? Or recommend another flash player? I have actual business that I cannot attend to because the product is not working as stated. I have literally installed this on over 50 computers and never ever had even a hiccup. Please some one help... ( and iYES I have shut down my browser in between dls. un  installs etc.... I HAVE followed the directions you have given... Been  at it for almost 6 hours)