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    Missing Pan and Zoom in PE8? Cropping?


      Hey guys


      I've been playing around with Adobe Premiere Elements 8 pretty much to learn some things here and there. The reason why I got the product was because I was told you can pan and zoom in the program but I cannot seem to find where I can click to do pan and zoom in PE8. I was told it was with the other tools like where the time stretch tool is and such, but I don't see it there. I wanted that tool spesifically for video tutorials.


      Also, I noticed in PE8 you can turn a video into an animated gif. How do you crop the frames of a video to make it smaller for those file formates? Like if I wanted to take a video of puppies playing and turn it into a gif image that was 200px by 300px? Would i have to take a still shot of ever frame to do that? Also, how would you crop out the black bars on a video to make it take up the whole video screen?