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    CS6 Problem Still Exists

    stynkrbelle Level 1

      I have just spent $1150. to fix my problem with CS6.

      I am running:

      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU x980 @3.33GHz 2.66 GHz

      RAM: 24 GB

      OS: 64-bit on 256 GB SSD (new SSD)

      Scratch disk is on separate SSD

      Video card: Geforce GTX680 (new)

      Hard Drive Storage:12 TB

      Power Supply: 1200 W


      I have a very large project; it is a full length feature film (1hr 26 min)  in high def. I created the project using  CS5 with no problems. I upgraded to CS6 and the problems started. I was using a Quadro 4000 video card and I was getting what can best be described as pixelated visuals when viewing clips in the video monitor. This "pixelation" does not occur on every clip and this problem does not show in the preview/clip viewer. I have had Adobe tech people help me and I have been on these forums. I have done what was suggested (solid state drive for operating system, better video card) to the tune of $1150.00 and the problem still exists. At this point I do not believe it could be a hardware situation but I thought I would start here. Does anyone have any thoughts about what I can do now, I have a deadline which is upon me and I'm stumped.