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    C300 footage crashes CS6?

    Kevin B Good Level 1

      Anyone successfully using Canon C300 footage in CS6?  It consistently crashes our systems here.  We have a four different computers, with slightly different hardware, and we get the crash consistently.


      I've noticed that if we delete/hide the "INDEX.MIF" file that is in the "CLIPS001" folder, AE works fine.  That's the file that has info on spanned clips, so Premiere needs it and uses it.  We can't just go tossing that file.  But so long as the file is there, ANY C300 footage (spanned or not spanned clips) crashes AE CS6 within a few seconds of working with it.


      CS5.5 works just fine.


      Does ANYONE have C300 footage (in its original folder structure) working in AE6?  Thanks for any ideas.




      Main system specs (although like I said it's happening on a few different machines)


      Intel i7-3930K @3.2 GHz

      32 GB RAM

      Win 7 Professional

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570