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    Flash Player scrolling does not work in latest Safari on Mac (6.0)





      Apple has released new Safari for Mac recently (Version 6.0 (8536.25)). Unfortunately, in this update, my Flash Player application (built with Flash Builder using Flex SDK) is no longer getting Mouse Wheel events.


      I have made a test application where you can reproduce the issue:




      (If you can not access chatroulette.com from where you are, you can use mirror -http://cr0001.com/misc/flash_player_errors/ScrollingIssueApp.swf).


      Try scrolling in latest Safari Mac - the TextArea will remain empty.


      Then try scroll with any other browsers - the TextArea will get [date and time] Mouse wheel detected entries in it each time you scroll up or down.


      I have not tested the issue this on anywhere other than on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). I don't know if this issue occurs on Windows. On previous Safari, this issue was not happening.


      Here is screenshot of the issue:



      This issue affects all Flash applications that rely on scrolling in its user interface.


      I have crossposted this issue to Adobe BugBase:



      Please let me know when you are planning to resolve this issue and if the resolution of this is possible.


      Thank you.