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    loading issues & FLV issues

      Sooo, I've finally, after fours days (including two on the weekend), managed to build a .swf that will play FLVs within the Crisp Template....however, I have come across two problems:

      1. the FLVs continue to play when you click on other menu items. How can I stop the FLV from playing with a command from the _root timeline to a timeline in a completely different swf? and where would that code be placed within the menu button actionscript?

      2. I'm using Actionscript 2.0 and the FLV Behaviors "Set Video List" option. The FLVs are loaded dynamically, but I only want them to load upon request, otherwise it takes 10 minutes to load the page due to the number/volume of FLVs. Is there a way to code the "ready" event handler so that it doesn't fully load? The code I currently have in is:
      // Set a 'ready' event handler to load the videos
      videos.ready = function( evt:Object ):Void
      this.loaded = true;
      for( var n=1; n<this.list.length; n++ ){
      if( videos.list[n].indexOf(".flv") != -1 ){
      m.activeVideoPlayerIndex = n;
      m.contentPath = videos.list[n];
      m.activeVideoPlayerIndex = 0;

      // End Set Videos Behavior

      What needs to change to make this happen?

      Please see: http://www.kimiporter.com/hydeparktest/ to witness both errors in action