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    Link to remote topic


      I Can't linked to remote topic of other chm file. The remote topic haven`t the underscor character. When i link to the remote topic, is produced a error "Page not found". Please I need help.

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          When you link to a remote topic, it is expected that the remote CHM will reside in the same folder. So my first question is - Are the two CHM files in the same folder? That would not normally be the case if your are just testing from your help authoring project folders.


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            anbestard Level 1
            yes, the two CHM files are in the same folder. The problem is the same, if the remote CHM File is in other folder.

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              OK- so now we have to look at the link. Open the topic where the link resides in the True Code viewer. The anchor should show the remote .chm name and topic name with the following syntax <A HREF="Filename.chm::/Topicname.htm">. That's all there is to it. When you link to a remote topic, Robohelp brings a copy of the remote .chm into your project and it should test out OK from your workspace. I think the only problem is when there are weird characters in the filenames.

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                Check that the remote project is in your baggage files. It should be automatically added but just in case.
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                  Maybe you can clear something up for me. From things I've read it seems that the term "baggage files" may be used differently in newer versions of RoboHelp. In older versions "baggage files" were compiled into the .chm. If the remote file is added to baggage it would no longer be remote. I don't think you'd want to do this.

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                    RoboColum(n) Level 5
                    Hi John. The term "remote" in this instance refers to the fact that the link is being added to a file that is not within the current project directory. When you create a link, the CHM is copied into the project directory as you state. Therefore it is not remore anymore. It also copies the CHM into baggage. AFAIK baggage behaves the same in X5 as before.
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                      If RoboHelp automatically adds these to baggage, I would delete them. It seems like the whole point of linking to a remote topic is to access a CHM file that is outside the control of your own project. If you are going to include this file in your CHM, you might as well really include it by including the topics in your CHM. The remote link will work whether the .chm is in baggage or not.

                      When RH adds an external file to baggage, any link to that file calls up the version from baggage rather than the current version. This can be problematic. I have a help file called ExperimentalProtocols.chm. It links to another help file called Instrument.chm that explains how to use the current version of the instrument software. We need that reference to be dynamic. i.e. the Instrument.chm must be independent and external to the ExperimentalProtocols.chm, which we do not modify.

                      I have not seen RH (version 8) add external .chms to baggage, but that may just be the way I use it....