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    Proofing System

      Hi All,

      Kinda new to flex, i have played around with it before. I want to know if i can make an online proof system for my wifes photography company. Basically i need an image gallery with multiple galleries that can be password protected.

      Any thoughts on how i should start this?

      Any help is appreciated Thanks.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          You can use XML to store the lists of images in each gallery, and Flex controls to display the thumbnails for the galleries, and the actual images. You can create a login form that when submitted authenticates to a database that stores user account information. I would start by seeing what is out there now, regardless of how it is implemented, and then start planning your Flex app. So search for other similar things on the web, and if you can get a free account, go for it, use it a bit, then improve upon it in your Flex app.