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    Opening Help Topic in a New Window


      I'm posting this inquiry after searching the forum for the above topic. I have a client who requires that a contextual help page be opened in a new browser window when users press F1 in a web application screen. The client does not want help opened in a new tab or in the same window as the web application screen.


      The web application for which I'm writing help supports only Internet Explorer, versions 7 through 9 (no other browsers). The client programs in .NET and, for security, handles HTML help pages like .aspx.


      I have RoboHelp HTML 9 installed. Contextual help mapping is done with an external XML schema that pairs web application screens with target help topics via F1.


      In practice, despite the new-window requirement, testers have found that CSH opens differently with different combinations of browsers and operating systems. With Windows XP - IE 7 & 8 and Windows 7 - IE9, when the user presses F1, the help screen is opened in a new tab. In Windows 7 - IE8 (32 and 64 bit), it opens in a new window. This last is the way the client expects it to work.


      Here's my question: With RoboHelp HTML 9, can I control whether help opens in a new window, the same window or a new tab? Or do I need to rely on a developer to configure the web application server so that help opens in a new window as expected?


      So far, after a search of user documentation for RoboHelp and my help mapping configuration files, I haven't found a way in RoboHelp or Help Mappings to control whether contextual help opens in a new window or a new tab. I would appreciate any information on whether this attribute can be controlled through a server configuration, or .NET, or some other aspect of the system beyond RH. Or am I overlooking something in RH?


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