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      Når jeg bruker Ctrl-J i den norske versjonen i PS CS6-ext. er det ingenting som skjer.

      I den engelske versjonen blir det kopiert til et nytt lag. Er noen som erfarer det samme?

      Ligger det en "bug" inne her?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8
          PS-guy wrote:

          When I use Ctrl-J in the Norwegian version of PS CS6-Extended nothing happens.
          In the English version the current layer is copied into a new layer.  Is anyone experiencing the same thing? 
          Is there a "bug" in here?


          Look in your Keyboard Shortcuts section.  Is the same key defined to create a new layer via copy as in the English version?





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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            On the Norwegian version of PS CS6 this should be the keyboard shortcut:





            On an english language keyboard that would be the semi-colon key just to the right of the L key

            if you have your regional language set Norwegian and happen to be using an english keyboard.