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    No sound on .MTS import


      I have a sony handycam which records .MTS files (AVCHD).
      (Sony HDR-XR550)
      But when I import the file into Premiere Pro CS6 (Mac) it only imports the video and not the audio with it.
      (so no audio track only a video track)

      Normally this worked fine in CS5.5 and lower but since CS6 it has this problem.

      I have already tried to

      1. convert the .MTS to other extentions (.mp4 and .mov) but that only changed that this time I did get an audio track but no audio in it.

      (i converted it using Adobe Media Encoder CS6)

      2. changing the extention to .M2TS.

      3. importing the file via the Media Browser.

      4. directly importing it from the camera.

      but all of the above did not result in any positive change.

      Does anybody have any idea how to fix this problem?