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    Reinstall CS2 Upgrade


      CS2 was installed as an upgrade on my old XP, which recently died. Now trying to install it on my new system. All old media is long gone, as well as the old installs. Still have my CS2 media.

      I recovered my PS 7 s/n from my product list, and my CS2 (PS 9) s/n matches what I still have with my media.


      But, when I now try to install from my CS2 CD, after inputting it’s s/n, it wants to find an old install. There are exactly 3 choices presented. All involve the install wizard searching for an old install, of which there is none on this system. After not finding it the wizard says either look elsewhere, or call Adobe customer support.


      So, I installed as an evaluation copy, then tried to activate. It does not even recognize my legitimate s/n.


      I read where there is supposed to be a way to input my old product s/n to activate. Can someone advise how to proceed?





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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I don't recall clearly whether that ability to reference an old serial number was added after Photoshop CS2 - I think it may have been added in Photoshop CS3 - but if you don't see the option to enter the old S/N during the install, then you probably don't have the ability. 


          It's a real shame you would throw away your discs from your older version of Photoshop.  You may have jammed yourself up royally by doing that.


          A possibility is that you might be able to get Adobe to help you get it activated - the installer did say to call Adobe customer support.


          Best of luck.



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            The serial needs to be hacked in the registry. That's all the upgrade wants. Back then it was simply stored as plain text unencrypted somewhere under HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Adobe. Dunno the specifics, but a little search on teh web may turn them up...



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              Dab_cs2 Level 1

              Thanks guys for the replies.


              I have now had a long chat with Adobe CS on this. The conclusion is:


              1. CS2 is not supported on Windows 7 64 bit. Not even a little, and not installation/activation. They don't seem to think it will even work, although they can't comment on the way it might not work, other than than it won't activate. They didn't know that it wouldn't activate until after I responded to their instructions and it still didn't activate.


              2. If I want to get them to help me activate, then I have to first install my CS2 on a 32 bit XP or lower system. And even then no guarantees. They would only commit to helping me out more if I did that. They seem to think that CS2 will accept a previous install s/n if it's installed in an older OS.


              3. They were unable to find a way to activate either from a direct install with s/n, or from an install as a 30-day evaluation/activate in my existing win 7 64-bit system.


              There was some discussion of finding a cache.db file, and renaming it to allow accepting the current s/n in eval mode. But, the basis for that was stupid because they said the cache.db file is supposedly not written until the install is activated. There was no file where they thought it sould be.


              I had the CS guy ask his supervisor at one point before he would keep working on the problem. It was obvious then that he acquired some additional knowledge. Eventually I did get the super, who revealed the "way out" of first installing in an old OS.


              I was unable to find any registry hack to help. My search aptitude is not the best though. All I could find was registry hacks for Acrobat.

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                Dab_cs2 Level 1

                Also tried to install using Windows Virtual PC, in Windows XP mode. Behavior is identical to install in raw Win 7 64-bit. My conclusion is that CS2 does _not_ have the capability to accept an old s/n version to install or to activate. The inability of the installed evaluation functionality to accept any s/n whatsoever, IMO is most likely due to Adobe abandoning any automatic web response necessary for this to work.


                I was successful in re-acquiring the old version, and installing it. The install of CS2 was then successful with no remarkable events whatsoever. So, for me at least, this is case closed. Although there was no effective help from Adobe CS. :-(

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                  Hey Dab, how did you get this working in the end? I have CS2 but moved house twice in the last year and can't find my discs it was installed on Windows Vista 32-bit only, and I'm trying to get it running on my new PC with Windows 7 64-bit. I had to d/l a free trial of CS2 but it says my serial is invalid. Adobe are saying they'll only help me if I upgrade to CS6!!! I haven't got a spare £700 or so...

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                    Dab_cs2 Level 1

                    I had given the media to a relative years ago. They didn't have that, but had a slightly more recent update from that which they loaned back to me to install as an old version install. That install did not need to be activated for CS2 to accept it as good. Or, maybe it was automatically activated; don't remember/know....