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    Lightroom 4 is freezing during import of photos


      The whole program is very sluggish, but when I go to import photos, is freezes while acquiring the thumbnails.  If it comes out of the freeze, when I click import, it takes 30 minutes to get one photo then freezes again.  If I cancel and close the program, it will not start again unless I restart the computer.  Help??

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          Having the exact same problems in lightroom 3.  It worked fine until about a week ago...

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            WDKlein1000 Level 1

            I've noticed the same thing - just in the last week or so.  What I've been doing is going to the develop module and continued working.  When I do that, the import seems to start up again to continue rendering the thumbnails.

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              ImpressionsInLight Level 1

              I have found a way around the issue, though I think there should still be a fix by Adobe.

              If you transfer your files from your device to a folder on your desktop, then Lightroom will import them like normal.  I have tried to import from the camera, the sd card reader, a cd/dvd, nothing works.  I'm not sure what the bug is, but  I hope they find and fix it soon.  In the mean time, I guess the small extra step of transferring to the computer first will have to do.

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                Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You guys all need to supply more deatil as I believe these will all be system faults not Lightroom ones. However to find the weak link we need exact deatil of your set up and what you are doing.

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                  WDKlein1000 Level 1

                  Geoff the kiwi


                  I'm using Windows 7, Lr 4.1.  I import from the SD card (always the same one) using a card reader slot built into my laptop.  The situation ( I won't call it a problem) doesn't occur every time I import.  It only started to happen about the same time "Impressions in Light"  reported it.  In fact, that's the only reason I responded to the thread.  I wouldn't have reported it myself except it just started happening to me.


                  The "hang-up" doesn't occur during the actual import.  It occurs while Lr is rendering the thumbnails.  If I move on to the develop module, Lr starts to render thumbnails again and all thumbnails get completed - everything returns to normal.


                  I've been using Lr 4.1 since it was first releaed.


                  Doesn't seem to me like a big deal - just something strange that wasn't occuring when I first started using 4.1.

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                    Bob Duke

                    I recently moved to a new PC (Win 7 Ultimate) and moved to LR 4.1.

                    Sometimes, but not always, when I add photos to LR, it will hang/freeze while rendering 1:1 previews.

                    The images are already on the disk drive, at the correct location, so it's simply an add to LR.

                    The images are JPG files from my students, and are not very large, ranging 150KB to 3MB.

                    I can cancel the rendering step by clicking on the X, and then manually rendering the images works fine.


                    I have not had the opportunity to import from my CF cards yet, so don't know if it will occur there or not.

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                      ImpressionsInLight Level 1

                      I am using Windows 7 64 bit and LR 4.1.  I am on a HP Touchsmart Desktop.  This problem does not occur on my laptop which runs the same OS.  I have tried importing tethered, from my SD card using the card reader on the computer, and also from CD/DVD.  This happens every time I try to import using one of these methods.  It does not happen when I import photos already on the computer.  It takes about a half hour to import 1 image and then it just seems to quit.  I have tried navigating to a different module, etc. and the import never finishes.  While it isn't a huge deal to copy the photos to the computer first, I want the program to work correctly.  I read in another thread that Adobe directed someone to try disabling their USB ports one by one because there is a conflict somewhere.  I am unwilling to do this as I use all of my ports and I do not want to mess with the computer....It worked fine with LR 3.  I would just like to know what the problem is.  I have read on other sites after searching this problem that a lot of people are experiencing the same thing.  I would like to know if Adobe is looking into this and if there is something we can do to fix it.  I am curious if it could be a problem with the download/installation of the program itself, since I do not have the same issue on the laptop.

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                        MarkLav Level 1

                        I am using lightroom 3.   Windows 7 64 bit 12 gigs of ram.  Recently like within the last month some things have started to happen... or not happen...  First of all basically I use a sony dslr camera and as soon as i plug it into my computer lightroom would open up and ask to import...  That does not happen anymore.  The only thing that I have changed is I added a seagate external cloud drive with its software and i installed a user preset.  


                        Currently I import the photos with the sony software that I recieved with the camera then I select the folder and import the pics into lightroom 3. 


                        For some reason the newly created folder with the impoted pics shows up on my compouter in the "Pictures" folder but in lightroom it wont show up.  I have to find it somehow.


                        When I do find it and select the thumbnails never show up.  All that shows up is boxes with check marks next to them.  If i select import It will import to 14 percent or so then freeze up for half an hour then time out.  If i cancel the import or exit out of Lightroom it wont let me open lightroom up again...

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                          Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          The cloud drive may be a suspect Mark - we've seen issues with cloud and network drives in the past.  Any chance you could disable it temporarily to check that out?