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    Navigator/Portfolio SDK

    C'mon, Adobe

      I am wanting to create a custom layout for a PDF portfolio, which is turning out much more difficult than I'd hope.

      I'm running CS6 on Mountain Lion OSX and the Navigator Project wizard option is unavailable. I'm unsure where exactly i'm supposed to store the SDK, as I followed the instructional page but the directories were incorrect or non-existant.

      There is no plugins folder listed under Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, so I created one, which didn't do anything.

      There is a plugins folder in eclipse, which still didn't do anything.

      I went into the package contents of the app and created a plugins folder, which, again, did nothing.


      If I open Fb and command+n, there is no Adobe Navigator folder or Navigator wizards to select.


      I installed the Flex SDK as well, but i'm not sure if it worked.


      This is the first time i've ever used flashbuilder, so i'm completely new to say the least, though I take lightly detailed instruction fairly well.

      I'm slightly familiar with Flash if that helps. I took a full semester class about a year ago and can probably recall a good bit of I dwindle in it.