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    Download and install free  book to Kobo ereader


      How do I download and install a free Kobo book to my ereader?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            The question was: "How do I download and install a free Kobo book to my

            ereader?"  It's a simple question, but there's not much information about

            the background, such as whether ADE is installed, whether an ebook has been

            downloaded to ADE, and what kind of computer is being used.  So, I'll

            assume very little other than that you are using a Windows PC with Internet

            Explorer, and that you've already installed Digital Editions.  If you

            haven't, then you will need to obtain an Adobe ID (if you don't have one),

            and install the software on your computer.  That's done by going to

            http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/ and towards the middle of

            the page there will be an install button.  During the process,  you will be

            asked to obtain an Adobe ID if you haven't done that already.  Just follow

            that process from the screen, and you'll be returned to the install process

            when that's done.


            THIS IS IMPORTANT - after you install Digital Editions, and run it for the

            first time you should Authorize ADE with your Adobe ID, and continue to use

            that Adobe ID on any computers that you install Digital Editions on.  This

            is important, because Adobe builds a small file attached to each ebook that

            contains your Adobe ID.  If you use a different ID, then those ebooks

            you've already downloaded with one ID won't be readable under the other one.


            After you have authorized your computer with an AdobeID:


            - Close ADE


            - Plug in your KOBO ereader to your computer via the USB cable, and make

            sure it shows up as an external drive with a letter (such as E:\)on your



            - Launch ADE and you should get a dialog asking to authorize your

            ereader.  Do that using your Adobe ID.  The Kobo ereader should show up in

            the left hand panel of ADE's Library view (the booksheves).


            When you download an ebook from Kobo, the process will activate ADE and the

            transfer of the ebook to your computer will be 'automagic'.  If it's not,

            and you get a strange file name with a suffix .ascm, just click on that

            file, and use your 'Open With' capability to specify Digital

            Editions.  During that process, you should SAVE the file, so Digital

            Editions puts it into your ADE library.


            Then, using ADE, you will be able to drag and drop those files from the

            right hand panel onto your Nook on the bookshelf.


            Once you've transferred the ebook, you can close ADE, and the Kobo ereader

            will show that it's updating its content.  When it stops doing that, then

            you can eject or detach the ereader from your computer.

            Hope this helps!