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      i'm new in flex, but i'm trying to do something
      i have a problem with the transitions i have 3 states and i want to move between the 3 form the base state to final state
      but when i play the move he jumps the 1º state, passes the base state to 2º state.

      here are the code.

      <mx:State name="s1">
      <mx:SetProperty target="{servicos}" name="x" value="200"/>
      <mx:State name="s2" basedOn="s1">
      <mx:SetProperty target="{servicos}" name="y" value="60"/>
      <mx:State name="s3" basedOn="s2">
      <mx:SetProperty target="{servicos}" name="width" value="100%"/>
      <mx:SetProperty target="{servicos}" name="height" value="100%"/>
      <mx:SetStyle target="{servicos}" name="backgroundAlpha" value="0.5"/>
      <mx:Sequence id="tr1" targets="{[servicos,portfolio]}">
      <mx:Move duration="1000"/>
      <mx:Resize duration="3000"/>

      hope someone can help me.
      many thanks