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    No waveform when recording with a microphone.

    PatrickGrade Level 1

      I run a silly YT channel and wanted to get better audio, so I bought a simple lavoulier mic from Audio Technica or something. After spending time getting the mic levels to a decent spot on the camcorder i took severl clips over to PProCS6 and placed them on the timeline. With these clips, there is no waveform on the main timeline aside from an occasional spike at the beggining of the clip.


      My workflow may be silly, but I often use the razor tool while playing a clip on the timeline and cut up the audio to get rid of the ahh's and umm's that i say so often and I use the waveform quite a bit to visually see these words (obviously) so by not having it, I'm really hampered since I can go through and make a bunch of cuts either for silent areas or spots that I know I'm mumbling or stuttering and then delete all of the eroneous clips. It's not the same as bringing up the waveform in the source monitor since I can't make more than one cut at a time by using the in/out marks. Or at leas I don't know how.


      So, is there a way to get a waveform up from these clips I made with the mic? Using the built in mic on the camera makes great waveforms, but not while using the external mic.


      Thanks for any help!